Acting For Camera Course
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Acting For Camera Technique Level 1

Theory & Practical 


The following course is tailored to the individual and designed by professional acting coaches and directors with over 25 years worth of industry experience. Taught by qualified tutors trained to postgraduate level and holding higher degrees within their respective fields of expertise. Tutors have a wealth of stage and filming experience from their own professional work and remain connected to the industry, holding full membership within the British Actor’s Union Equity and are qualified to teach.


  • 200 units

  • Dedicated Acting Coach

  • Taught by professionals

  • One to One 

  • 10 assignments with tutor feedback

  • 20 Instructional videos

  • 30+ acting exercises tailored to the actor

  • Self-pacing

  • Interactive

  • Asynchronous learning

  • Short written assignments

  • Optional video assignments

  • Practical set acting exercises

  • Instructional videos

  • Reading Materials

  • Script & Scene Study

  • Intuitive software

  • Theory & Practice

  • On demand access

  • Student decides study schedule

  • Ideal for beginners/intermediate or intense refresher

Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, with your own acting coach. Ideal for students who need to build confidence and knowledge before working in a larger group setting or as an intense refresher to give you an acting edge. An efficient use of time to get any student up to speed with technique and practice. Students can start the course at anytime. Tutors are able to give individuals far more specific attention with tailored exercises than they can in a larger group setting. 


Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning is ideal for students who cannot commit to attending a class or live training due to work patterns or changing commitments. Due to the nature of the subject material the pressure to be online and ready for video live training is also removed, optional video assignments are available depending upon a student's level of personal confidence and preference. Self-pacing allows students to access pre-recorded video materials at their leisure, whilst still having interactive options and feedback with their tutor.



Focus & Relaxation- Preparing to be natural & comfortable in front of the camera & crew.

Acting For Film & TV- practically exploring technique.

Shooting thoughts- How an actor projects thought & emotion that are effectively captured by the camera.

Voice & Movement- How voice can reveal & enhance character.

Movement- Exploring effective ways to move in character that translates well onscreen.

Scene & Script Study- Using pre-selected material.

Acting for Camera- How to work in front of the lens, hit marks, use eyelines & create fresh performances every take, listening to and working with direction.

Method Acting- Considering and experimenting with Stanislavski's System, Strasberg’s Method & Meisner's Technique.

Film Craft- Introducing students to the vocabulary of filmmaking so that actors can confidently communicate with directors and crew.

Film Scene Study and Director study- including- Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock and more, plus 70 more vital units. 

Acting For Camera Course Spring Offer 2022

Booking Now 


Places are open to international students. The course is taught in English.

Course can be commenced at anytime and are available on demand. Access to course content is 6 months from student's start date ( option to extend is available ) approximate duration for students is 3 months part-time at a comfortable self pace with students setting their own study schedule. Course access will be provided by a digital link and password upon receipt of a completed booking form and payment.


Price offer discounted fees £299 until 31st of May 2022- Spring 2022 Offer ( full price thereafter £395 ). Payment can be made via PayPal or via BACS invoice upon request, instalment options may also be offered by PayPal subject to status. To qualify for discounted rates all bookings must be submitted and course fees paid by the offer closing date.


What you will need to take the course :


  • Completed booking form

  • Access to a laptop or home computer

  • Good internet connection

  • Optional- Ability to upload video- either via smart phone or digital camera


Tutors welcome bookings from all acting students from the age of 16, those under the age of 18 will need parental permission to book. There is no upper age limit. Course queries email Gift Vouchers available upon request.


Terms and Conditions will apply at the time of booking 

For information regarding bulk licensing for courses and multiple student access click 

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What our students say

M. Rodriguez

This course was right up my street and allowed me to work at my own pace which helped me take my time to properly grasp the teachings.

I especially enjoyed the script work, subtext exercises and inner monologue work, I found those really useful and know they will help me in the future. 

The teaching within the videos was really simple to follow and the lessons were done in a way that meant I could commit the information to memory with ease which meant I could remember theory well and put it into practice with the assignments. 

I definitely feel I have a good understanding now of different acting systems that I didn’t really understand before and a more thorough understanding of framing, working with a crew and expectations on set.


Thanks so much to this course, it’s also given me a huge confidence boost for future acting roles and work.



This is a very detailed course, has lots of information, is easy to follow and well spaced out.

By setting my own time to study, I was able to complete it in 4 months doing a couple of hours a week.

The acting exercises and  script studies gave me something to aim for and a way to put my theory into practice.

I found the tutors very supportive  and knowledgable , helping me through any difficulties I had experienced.

Going forward I now have a deeper understanding of what I am doing , which has given more confidence about the future.


W. Turner

Gave me more confidence to go back into the industry after a break.


It refreshed my memory and taught me new ways of approaching characters and scenes. I appreciated being able to have a tutor checking in on my progress  and their guidance.


V. Hamblin

Booked a lot more work after taking this course, as I felt more relaxed and less intimidated by camera work. Felt happier with more grounding and new understanding. Time well spent for me. Thank you


S. Davern

I have always been interested in films and wanted to pursue a possible career in the industry but like many of us ‘life’ got in the way. Due to the pandemic my life changed dramatically and I took the opportunity to try and follow my interests. I found this course ticked all the boxes, I could take part at my own pace, had the back up of professional tutors and thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. The knowledge that I now have has given me the confidence to look further at any potential avenues into the industry.