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public speaking course
Summer Offers Valid Until Sept 21st 2024

The following classic course is designed for students who need to build personal confidence with public speaking and different types of presentations. 

The course explores actor's preparation, rehearsal and performance techniques, guiding students through exercises that can improve preparation and delivery and enhance overall public speaking confidence. No previous acting or public speaking experience is necessary.

This specialist course is designed by professional acting coaches and directors with over 25 years worth of industry experience. Taught by qualified tutors who hold postgraduate higher degrees within this field of study and are members of the British Actor’s Union Equity.

Having successfully coached public speaking students, tutors recognise the unique needs and differences between students who have a deep seated fear of public speaking, through to those wishing to develop a more effective presentation delivery or work towards a specific outcome or event

The classic course is tailored to the individual student’s needs, with new course options now available offering further dedicated support-


The classic course has now been upgraded and features an online public speaking component, with teaching units exploring how to prepare and deliver successful online presentations for virtual audiences.

Interest free instalments


  • Dedicated Acting Coach

  • One to one teaching

  • Individual feedback

  • Taught by professionals

  • Self-paced-on demand access

  • 110+ Units

  • Interactive

  • Asynchronous learning- Student decides study schedule

  • Short written assignments

  • Optional video assignments with feedback

  • Practical set acting & presentation exercises

  • Specific presentation prep at a student's request

  • Optional mock presentations & assignments with tutor feedback

  • Instructional videos

  • Presentation Script Study

  • Reading materials

  • Script & note studies

  • Intuitive software

  • 24 Hour online access to units

  • Theory & practice

  • Multi access discount

  • Message help desk- with Tutor email support

  • Option to recap online content

  • Study from home 

  • Online learning management system -LMS


  • How to prepare for an in-person presentation

  • Harnessing actor's technique and training to enhance skillsets

  • How to positively work with nerves

  • How to stay focused and deal with distractions

  • How to harness breathing

  • How to hold and command an audience's attention

  • How to develop vocal resonance and presence

  • Developing effective body language

  • How to motivate and inspire an audience

  • How to speak clearly and with purpose

  • How to work with a script & notes  

  • How to work without a script or written notes

  • How to work with mnemonics and key words

  • How to use improvisation to assist recovery

  • How to work with presentation technology under pressure

  • Recently added-Public speaking online and how to present confidently for a virtual audience

  • Plus further core units



  • Core Content 

  • Core Structure

  • Asynchronous Learning 

  • 3-6 Months


  • Core Content 

  • Core Structure 

  • 10 Hours Private Coaching

  • 5 Additional Exercises

  • Combination Learning Asynchronous & Synchronous

  • 6-9 Months


  • Core Content 

  • Core Structure 

  • 20 Hours Private Coaching

  • 10 Additional Exercises

  • Combination Learning Asynchronous & Synchronous

  • Event Support & Rehearsal

  • 6 - 12 Month Support Package- Rehearsal & Event


  • Core Content 

  • Core Structure 

  • Combination Learning Asynchronous & Synchronous

  • In-person private Coaching

  • Event Support & Rehearsal

  • Course duration bespoke-subject to quote- Max 12 Months




Self-paced learning is ideal for students who cannot commit to attending a class or set live training due to work patterns or changing commitments. Due to the nature of the subject material the pressure to be online and ready for video live training is also removed, optional additional video assignments are available depending upon a student's level of personal confidence and preference. Self-pacing allows students to access pre-recorded video materials at their leisure, whilst still having asynchronous interactive options, monitoring and feedback with their tutor. Learn more about asynchronous learning.



Premium and Premium course options build upon the classic course, covering core course content and structure. Both options offer combined asynchronous and synchronous learning, building towards additional  personalised interaction with a dedicated tutor. Live coaching tutor led sessions, including additional practical exercises are specifically designed to build upon a student's progress and unique circumstances. Live coaching is undertaken online and is agreed at times that are mutually convenient to the student and tutor throughout the duration of a course.

Learn more about asynchronous and synchronous learning.


The classic course can be comfortably completed within 3 months, with each student granted 6 months access to complete approx 110+ units. 


Course options with additional tutor support and synchronous learning will require a longer duration, allowing tutors and students adequate time to schedule and undertake live training and for tutors to set additional units and tailored exercises.


All course options require a study contribution from students of approximately two hours per week part-time to complete practical work. Study hours can be combined and scheduled at a student’s convenience and pace, allowing time for tutor feedback where relevant. Students can choose to take breaks during the duration of their course but all course options must be completed by their expiry date, unless an extension has been granted. Expiry dates are calculated once a student commences their course. Repeated extension requests will be subject to additional fees, set by the senior teaching team and extensions will be subject to course tutor availability. 


  • Classic 3-6 Months

  • Premium 6-9 Months

  • Premium Plus 6-12 Months

  • Bespoke - By arrangement, Maximum 12 Months


Places are open to international students. All course options are taught in English. Courses CLASSIC & PREMIUM & PREMIUM PLUS can be commenced at anytime on demand. 

The BESPOKE course option is subject to quote, student contract and tutor capacity. Find out more about how to request a quote.


Course access for all course options will be provided by a digital link and password. 




Summer Offer 2024  £225 ( Full course fees £285 ) 

For discount book before Sept 21st 2024.

To qualify for discounted rates all bookings must be submitted and course fees paid by the offer closing date. 

Course code PSC081


Summer Offer 2024  £675 ( Full course fees £725 ) 

For discount book before Sept 21st 2024.

To qualify for discounted rates all bookings must be submitted and course fees paid by the offer closing date. 

Course code PSC082


Summer Offer 2024  £995 ( Full course fees £1045 ) 

For discount book before Sept 21st 2024.

To qualify for discounted rates all bookings must be submitted and course fees paid by the offer closing date. 

Course code PSC083



Subject to quote 

The bespoke course option is subject to quote, student contract and tutor capacity. To enquire about the bespoke course option, please email detailing your specific requirements so that an accurate quote for course provision and tuition can be prepared. Bespoke course options providing in-person private tutoring combined with core content and core structure online training starts from £1100. 

Course code PSC084


To enquire about multiple licenses for groups of students or employees visit our dedicated page.


Payment can be made via PayPal or via BACS invoice upon request- BACS Invoice may take 48 hours to issue during a working week.


Instalment options may be offered by PayPal subject to status. To find out more about interest free instalment options visit PayPal. Check out using PayPal blue payment buttons, using your account or as a guest.


To qualify for discounted rates all bookings must be submitted and course fees paid by the offer closing date.

The ability to upgrade to course options with additional tutor support is subject to availability and our teaching team's approval, additional fees to upgrade will apply.




  • Completed Booking form

  • Access to a laptop or home computer

  • Good internet connection

  • Ability to upload optional video- either via smart phone or digital camera

Terms and Conditions will apply at the time of booking 


Tutors welcome bookings from all students from the age of 16, those under the age of 18 will need parental permission to book. No acting experience or public speaking experience is necessary. There is no upper age limit. For course queries email


Gift Vouchers available upon request.


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